Can’t Touch

Name of Dance: Can’t Touch
Level of Dance: 40 count – 2 wall – Intermediate level line dance
Choreographed by: Andrew & Sheila, UK (June 10)
Music: Can’t Touch It (Radio Edit) by Ricki-Lee Coulter (CD: Sex & The City)

Can’t Touch Line Dance Video

Can’t Touch Line Dance Step Sheet

24 count intro. Start on vocals

Walk.Walk. Kick-Out-Out. Tap. Tap. Step (Quarter L). Quarter. Point. Quarter. Point
1-2 Walk left, right
3&4 Kick left fwd, Step left to side, Step right to side
5&6 Tap left beside right, Tap left towards quarter wall (9:00), Step on left (facing 9:00)
&7 Paddle-turn quarter left, point right to side (6:00)
*** See Choreographer’s Note when dancing wall 3 only!
&8 Paddle-turn quarter left, point right to side (3:00)

Sailor-Step. Sailor-Fwd. Lock. Rock. Recover. Shuffle Half Turn
1&2 Right sailor-step
3&4 Left sailor-step fwd (stepping fwd on left)
&5-6 Lock right behind left, Step fwd left, Drop weight back onto right
7&8 Shuffle half turn left (9:00) L-R-L

Touch. Coaster-Kick. Together. Cross. Side Rock. Recover. Triple Turn
1 Touch right beside left
2&3&4 Right coaster-kick-step, Cross left over right
5-6 Rock right to side. Recover (prep for a three quarter turn right)
7&8 Triple (three quarter) turn right R-L-R (6:00)
*** RESTART point DURING wall 6 (12:00)

Quarter. Point. Turn. Point. Together. Cross. Back. Side. Cross. Cross. Quarter. Side
1-2 Quarter turn right (9:00) point left to side, Half turn left (3:00) stepping left in place
(Monterey turn)
3&4 Point right to side, Step right beside left, Cross left over right
5&6 Step back on right, Step left to side, Cross right over left
7&8 Cross left over right, Quarter turn left (12:00) step back on right, Step left to side

Cross-Rock. Recover. (Diagonal) Lock-Step. Side (Completing Quarter Turn). Rock
Behind. Recover. Side. Quarter Rock Back. Recover

1-2 Cross rock right over left (now facing left diagonal), Recover
3&4 (Still facing diagonal) Lock-step back R-L-R
5 (Completing quarter turn left) Step left to side (9:00)
6&7 Rock right behind left, Recover, Step right to side
8& Quarter turn left (6:00) Rock back on left, Recover

Choreographer’s Note: Start wall 3 (12:00) dance up to count 7 (6:00) with right pointing to side
&8 Step right beside left, Point left to side (restart the dance from count 1 (6:00) wall 4)

Download Line Dance Step Sheet
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